Table Mountain Inn

If you are ever looking for a wonderful place to stay in the heart of Golden Colorado, Table Mountain Inn is the place to go. Many of the rooms at Table Mountain have a view of the gorgeous and impressive Table Mountain along with the Coors Factory. If you are looking to visit Golden Gate Canyon State Park or Rocky Mountain National Park, Table Mountain Inn is an awesome place to stay.

You can also book weddings and business events at the Table Mountain Inn. There is a very delicious Southwestern Resturant — Table Mountain Grill & Cantina — within the hotel as well. There is a very clear southwestern theme throughout the hotel and the decorations make you feel like you are in the wilderness of Colorado. Many of the rooms along the edge of the building have private balconies that offer a view of downtown Golden, Colorado. If you have to bring your pets along, the Table Mountain Inn is very accommodating.

If you ever make the trip to Golden, Colorado, book a room here:

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