Our Story

Do you enjoy every day?

Here at Natural United Outdoors Company, we want to help you appreciate your life and its surrounding environment.  Modern human society has a way of distracting us from what is truly important.  The outdoors is our home, and we hope to help you easily find the incredible beauty around you.

In Autumn 2014, Natural Ohio was a dream to create a tool that made hiking more easily accessible to everyone.  Today, Natural United is a company of nearly one million outdoors enthusiasts who captures photos in every state across the country.

Our mission as an organization is to help humanity develop an appreciation for nature, a knowledge of sustainability, and a passion for protecting Earth’s wild environments.

10% of Natural United’s profits are donated to the National Park Service in order to benefit land preservation.  In the years to come, we are creating the infrastructure this planet needs in order to restore its natural habitat.

We are a continuously growing company with so many ideas to explore.  Join us on our journey to help save the planet.