Finding Adventure

We hope you can find adventure in every day.

Often it takes so much energy to get out there and experience the world. We want to serve as a catalyst for you to discover nature’s beauty where you live and across the world.

Who ignites you to explore?

We aim to create a community behind nature. Our earth is so wonderful we wish to create a group of photographers who capture the world and distill a desire to save our earth’s natural environments.

The air we breath and the water we drink is sacred to our race as a species. As an organization we center our thinking around the importance of the immediate world we all reside.

Peace and love to everyone in the universe.

Help Needed!

Natural United Outdoors Company is a continuously growing brand & hiking blog — and in order to do that growing, we need the help of our loyal following!

We are looking for photographers, social media influencers, and even those of whom would be willing to simply be administrators for numerous social media accounts (including Instagram, Twitter, and/or Facebook).

We at the Natural United team would love to get a hold of anyone interested to ask them some questions by phone call about the position if interested.  None of the phone calls should last longer than fifteen to twenty minutes, containing information about the company as well as information needed about the user themself.

If you’re interested, feel free to reach out to:

  • Aubriana See (Head Designer) on instagram: @aubrianasee, or by email
  • Patrick Stepanek (Founder) on instagram: @patrickstepanek, or by email

help needed

The Way of the World

What do you value in life?

This is an incredibly important question. It determines the outcomes of not only our lives but the people who will live on this planet in the future.

Something that does not add up about the way people live today compared to how we could be living is our relationship with air and water.

You would imagine given air and water are the most fundamental aspects of our lives that they would be safeguarded by humanity.

According to the World Health Organization, 92% of humanity does not breath clean air.

Nearly 1 billion people lack basic water resources.

This is not the lifestyle that humans deserve. The strucutre of the way we operate needs to change so that the quality of our air and water are sufficient for humans to live on this planet for generations to come.

Here at Natural United, we are dedicated to learning and acting on all that the world has to offer for us. The future of this planet is in our hands.